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Chief Technology Officer

We create technology that gets humans back to the human side of business. Helping entrepreneurs and companies through the architecture of systems and development of automations that simplify business processes, eliminate the mundane, and remove the barriers to scaling their mission .

Simplify and Streamline

Let's go ahead and reduce the millions of browser tabs you have have open down to just a few by ensuring the systems in your business speak to each other in a way that matches your flow of doing. Not the other way around.

Eliminate The Mundane

Are you constantly sending that same email or text? Taking hours just to get basic reporting? Copy and pasting information from one place to another? We know you hate it and so do we! let's make it a thing of the past!

Remove Barriers From Scaling

You've got 99 problems but with us, tech ain't one! Growth always presents barriers but with us by your side, the dreams you have will never be held captive by technology issues ever again.

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Automations, coding, development, API integrations …to most, this all sounds crazy expensive and complex. First, take a deep breath and know that's not all true and second, pick a time below to see how we make this both simple and affordable.
About Us

Meet The Team

Just a bunch of fun loving, api and all things tech nerds who geek out on how to make all of your business systems better and better.

Justin Benson

CEO & Principal
As the founder and leader of the Bara Agency, Justin is the place where problems come to die. Half nerd and half real estate agent, He’s built teams from the ground up, sold 1000’s of houses, and created the custom technology, systems, and strategies that were needed to scale along the way.

Chris Brue

Chris cultivated his passion for programming on the RTS team at EA, resulting in four beloved games, a Smithsonian exhibition and countless 90+ hour work weeks. Learnings from this amazing group in a demanding environment shaped his approach to weaving time-sensitive, pragmatic engineering solutions with delightful user experiences!

Nichole Williscroft

Director of Operations
Nichole aka “Ninja” is like the air traffic controller of our team. Multiple complex projects to carry out, easy peasy! Balance client expectations with internal capacity, cakewalk! With many years under her belt as a project manager, she makes sure our clients' dreams get built to become a reality.
Jim Carter

Jim Carter III

Principal of E-Commerce/Coaching
Jim's two-decade marathon in technology, marked by a distinguished mustache, has seen him excel (see what we did there?) as a specialist in AI, E-Commerce, and the Coaching world. He's an Eagle Scout, entrepreneur, husband, and father and a builder. Despite being Justin's hair mentor, Jim knows how to build mean systems that scale.

Jamie Bledsoe

Systems Architect
Jamie is a bit of a nerd with a professional background in architecture and real estate ops. After working as Director of Ops for a large team, her skill set for leveraging tech to create improved processes led her to Bara Agency. Her years of experience in the needs of team leaders and agents pilot her client care and customer service.

Josh Freid

Senior Systems Architect
Josh is one of those weirdos that enjoys 10-hour-long board games. Coincidentally, that same obsession for strategy and execution of "the big picture" makes him the perfect fit to architect our client’s systems. He works hand in hand, directly with our clients and teams to make sure what is being built will stand the test of time.

Lauren Brown

Systems Architect
Lauren loves turning chaos into streamlined perfection. With a passion for unraveling problems and creating systems to banish them, she thrives on the thrill of efficiency. After 9+ years with the #10 real estate team in the nation, she is ready to sprinkle her problem-solving magic far and wide. When it comes to building well-oiled teams, she's a real life wizard!

Taylor Jessup

Systems Architect
Taylor learned the art of client service as Ops Director at a little company that sells chicken sandwiches and is closed on Sunday (guess the company). He came to us after managing an ISA department for a large real estate team. His history with high-level service and real estate means he's a master at creating systems that turn clients into raving fans!

Trey Anderson

Backend Developer
Trey built a smart workout mirror (think Lululemon Mirror), from scratch, for his girlfriend as a birthday gift! Sorry ladies, he’s taken! That type of “anything is possible” outlook on projects makes him a perfect fit to be an integral part of our development team. Integrations, custom applications, and tools, Trey is a pro!

Davis Wray

Backend Developer
Davis is a bit like a mad scientist. Give him an impossible project, lock him in a room, and he’s guaranteed to blow you away with what he comes back with. You can find him building tools on a daily basis that make our clients’ lives easier and their teams happier. He can also build you a 3D printer if you wanted!

Sage Huseas

Data Scientist
Sage might look like King Leonidas from 300 but he’s more than just good looks and muscle. His background (and degrees) in physics and data science make him the smartest of us all! Custom reporting, forecasting powered by machine learning, or any custom tools to track your business, Sage is all over it.

Matt Welter

Senior Backend Developer
Matt taught himself Python, JavaScript, and launched his own app Niftycase all in one summer. He is equal parts entrepreneurial spirit and full stack developer. As the leader of our dev team, Matt is a pro at coming up with custom solutions that are tailor-made to fit the sometimes complex needs of our clients.

April Norris

Executive Assistant
April is the kind of person who looks at a problem as a whole and finds the most out of the box yet efficient way to solve it. It makes her the perfect person to try and wrangle the job of assisting Justin Benson. When she’s not making sure Justin stays alive, you can find her writing songs or driving away with her family in their sprinter to find an adventure!

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